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For Students

 Alcohol and Greek campus life
 Athletes and alcohol
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Alcohol 101 Plus is an innovative, interactive program aimed at reducing the harm associated with the misuse of alcohol on college campuses.

Set on a "virtual campus" in a "virtual" college neighborhood, it targets the general campus population while delivering four additional targeted scenarios focused on:

   First Year Students
   College Judicial Systems

Each segment highlights the specific issues, challenges and decisions that these important groups face when it comes to alcohol in a college setting. From grappling with the challenges of hosting safe and responsible parties in a Greek setting, to the special peer pressures that athletes and first time students face, this product seeks to provide students and educators thoughtful and realistic scenarios for reflection and discussion.

By demonstrating the negative outcomes of decisions to misuse alcohol and providing healthy alternatives, Alcohol 101 Plus encourages students to maintain personal safety and think through situations involving decisions about drinking. The program also clearly indicates that not drinking alcohol is a socially acceptable alternative.

Recognizing that the issue of drinking and driving continues to be critical among college-aged students, Alcohol 101 Plus dedicates a segment to the dangers of drinking and driving, as well as the very real, long-term negative consequences of getting behind the wheel when impaired.

Students can attend a "virtual party," where they can make choices for video characters placed in social situations involving decisions about drinking or not drinking. They can see the positive and negative outcomes, depending on which direction the student chooses.

 Alcohol 101 Plus Virtual Bar

A state-of-the-art virtual bar provides personalized information on blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and the physical and mental effects of alcohol. This BAC estimator has been reviewed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

An alcohol education tutorial has been incorporated into Alcohol 101 Plus, providing the user with an opportunity to learn important information about alcohol and their body, friends, school, and sex. Important information about alcohol's affect on the brain is also included in an interactive module dedicated solely to the brain.

Resources both on and off campus are included, as well as links to printouts you can share with others. Many resources are available both in English and Spanish.

 Student Library

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Alcohol 101+ is available free of charge and was developed by The Century Council, a national not-for-profit
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